Friday, 22 October 2010


Smiles.....*cheesy Alert*

So you ask what is the deal with smiles...they can brighten up your day, they can start a whole new chapter, they are great ice breakers...and from someone you love can shatter the earth and make your heart melt...

As you can tell I have a slight weakness for smiles..!! So my inspiration for this piece came after watching the accidental husband starring Uma Thurman and Jerry Dean Morgan...good film totally predictable...I did aww which means it was good...but it was soo plain..and easy watch! ANYWAY...the point is...Jerry Dean is the point! The guy has a KILLER the way he looks at Uma or did look at Izzy in Grey's anatomy...ah that  look..and the smile...Ah! Totally gets me! His smiles reminds me of what a smile really should be like...warm and safe and loving...lets not forget about Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson and Chace Crawford haha..the list can go on to be fair..

A smile that will make me blush...a smile that makes me feel safe...a smile that will make my troubles disappear...a smile that would make my heart flutter and beat faster and make me slightly must be thinking ur expecting a guy to do that with a smile?! Goood luck finding that sister! lol I do understand I sound stupid....and like a total hopeless romantic but what can you do...

Now all this might seem like it exists in fairy tale land..but I disagree...How you might ask? Well I would say..the smile my mum gives me when I'm in tears and can't stop sobbing..that gives me warmth..makes me feel like I'm being looked after..makes me feel happy even thought my heart feels heavy...

Another example?...the smile I got from my little 2 year old cousin when I went back to visit after a year..she gave me her almighty grin and ran into my arms and whispered 'I love you' that smile truly made me feel loved I actually teared up!

And if you're really noisy like I am and totally bored on the train..just take a minute and see how some couple look at each other...the loving smile a guy might give to his gf...the I am so happy I am spending this minute with you right here..*well not on the train..but like in her company lol*...those little smiles can do soo much!! they mean so much at the time..they're such precious jewels..

So next time you're on the train...and you see someone looking upset or down...just smile at never know if who's day you make with your smile...or who could fall in love with you because of your smile ;)

It doesn't take long..and besides it takes less muscles to smile than it takes to go on try it..brighten someone's day!

Lots of love!


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