Thursday, 29 December 2011

Korean Drama Recommendations..

This is the list of recommended Dramas by my best friend and drama expert May <3

Autumn Tale : 2000

My first Korean drama. One of the best classic Korean dramas :). song seung hun song hye kyo :).

My Girl: 2006

One of my all-time fav ron-com. HALARIOUS, I have watched it time after time and love it every time I watch it :D. I have so many good memories watching it :).

Winter Sonata

Another classic romantic drama :). Filmed by the same director who made “ Autumn Tale” a big hit !

Boys over Flowers- 2009

One word 'EPIC' ron-com! My 2nd most re-watched drama :) (1st being 'My girl')

You're beautiful-2009

Similar to BOF . Jang Geun Suk Park Shin Hye :).

Personal Preference- 2010

Another really good ron-com :). Not as good as BOF but still really really good. LMH cute semi-rabbit teeth :p.

"My Girlfriend is a gumiho/nine-tailed fox" 2010

Hilarious and heart-warming ron-com. My first and fav Lee Seungi's drama :D. A phrase you are most likely to learn after watching this drama "namu namu namu chiowahae/really really really like ----". Lee seungi Shin minha.

"Dream High" 2010

Like Minaz said, korean glee. May be a little bit better version :p. Kim hyun joong is in the 1st ep i almost fainted!! - p.s its minzi! haha

"Mary stayed all night" 2010

 This is where my JGS fever started, he has the cutest n most charismatic KILLER SMILE *sighs....*. My first JGS drama :D. Both of them started their acting career from a young age. No wonder they are so good at acting, they look so cute together in this drama :).

"My Princess" 2010.

Another awesome ron-com. Song Seung hun Kim Tae Hae

"49 days" 2011

Not so typical K-drama, amazing plots that will keep you interested week after week! "Fantasy" and "Romance" . I all the actors/actresses here, they are all AMAZING ! 

"City Hunter" 2011

Ron-con + action. There's only been a few eps so can't say much about it. This is not the official pic, but I just like LMH hair in this pic best. In addition, he wears his gorgeous smile with cute semi-rabbit teeth in this pic :p. 

Lee Minho Park Min Young (real life couple alert woho)

"Lie to me" 2011

Typical k ron-com that will makes you want to watch more and more! I'm a hug fan of Yun Eun Hye(actress) ! My first drama of Kang Ji Wan. 

Awesome chemistry between the main leads. YEH KJW

"Greatest Love/best Love" 2011

The funniest drama of 2011 so far! I'm LOL-ing like a fool in every ep. Hong sisters are the best when it comes to comedy in romantic drama ! If you like 'my girl' or 'you're beautiful', you will love this too :).

" Scent of a woman" 2011

I thought this drama would be sad and depressing after reading the description of it. But I checked it out anyway because it is the first drama of Lee Dong Wook from " MY GIRL " (my fav k-drama) since he's out from his military service. I was hooked from the first ep !!! It's up the 8th one now and there isn't a single ep that I don't love watching. There is something about this drama that makes me wanting more and more !!! It's witty and heart-warming :). I really hope the ending won't be sad, I'm a sucker for happy ending :P. 

P.s - my favourite ost of this drama - by Junsu from JYJ, who also had a cameo scene in ep 5.

*Protect the Boss* 2011

Cute and funny ron-com drama. It's up to ep 4 now, so far so good !!! I luv every ep of it and can't wait for the next week !!!

The song is so cute, energetic and very catchy!

*Flower boy Ramyun shop* 2011

A typical korean rom-con with a touch of anime quirkiness and adorable characters, which make this drama refreshing. A bit like BOF in a way since both of them have 4 flower boys :p! This drama is definitely worth the fuzz :D !!!

*Me too, flower" 2011 

RON-com I was initially put off by the name and the official poster of it on 'dramacrazy'. But after watching a few episodes, I absolutely love it! I've seen up to ep 13, so far SO GOOD! Really interesting plot and quite romantic ^_^.

*99 days with the star* 2011

Japanese Ron-com. I initially watched this drama for Kim Tae Hee but I later found Ok Taecyeon( 2PM) as a side bonus! Even though I needed a few eps of Japanese accents adaptation from Korean accents, I really started to like the drama, the plot and even the romance/a bit of chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and this old Jap actor :p!

I absolutely love this song, it's a shame the Jap doesn't do the Ost properly or doesn't post it on youtube. 

And here it is....the dramas from the drama expert!!! Trust me she knows what she's talking about she's watched A LOT of dramas!!! :) 

So here you go...if you haven't seen any of these be sure to watch them!! 

Lots of love!!


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kdrama in 2011..

It has been ABSOLUTELY too long since I last posted on this Blog..I have been so bad and so busy with just life..Graduating and finding work and becoming an adult is hard going lol! Even so I have not been posting I have definitely not stopped watching and looking out for new dramas and movies to melt my heart and to make me ottokae beyond belief and 2011 wasn't short of any excitment...

1) Flower Boy Rameyon Shop

BaWool, Cha ChiSoo, EunBi, Choi Sasang, HyunWoo

I have LITERALLY just finished watching this and could not wait to share with the world what I thought about this. This is a new drama that has been sending the hearts of girls all of the world on fire with a great script, very well written characters and ridiculously cute ottokae moments...I don't think I've squealed so loud in ages and of course damn hot 'flower boys'

** Lee Ki Woo I love you Marry me?**

This drama is a romantic Comedy *the best kind really* that tells the story of Yang EunBi (Lee Chung Ah) who is an ex volleyball player training to become a teacher and Cha ChiSoo (Jung Il Woo) a rich high school student who strangely falls in  love with Yang EunBi. Of course no romantic drama is plain sailing, this is were the other leading man Choi Sasang (Lee Ki Woo)  *tan tan taaaaaaaaaan* and the other fun characters come into the picture and provide the laughs and the back story. This quickly turns into a Love Triangle with Cha ChiSoo and Choi Sasang fighting for EunBi's affection and omg one lucky girl because if I had Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo looking at me like that well..I dunno I might have fainted!! I don't want to give too much of the story away but if you want something that makes you feel like a total teenage girl squealing I would def recommend this drama!! *Teaser- the scene between Choi sasang and Eunbi - the picking up scene O.M.G I was rolling in my bed giggling!!*

Unlike other dramas I surprisingly didn't cry and was kinda rooting for the other leading man because as you might have guessed already I love him! lol BUT none of the less the ending didn't lack emotion and the OST were totally addictive! I have got all the OST downloaded and uploaded onto my phone! :)

One of the best dramas of 2011! Possibility of season 2 next year YES PLEASE!!!
Minzi's rating: 8/10

2) My Princess

I also recently finished watching this drama...This was my first Kim Tae Hee drama...everyone kept talking about her and about the drama I thought I should give it a go..and well shame on me for not watching it before..!! I also ottokae-ed a few times during this drama and could not stop watching!

This also is a romantic Comedy that tells the story of a normal college student Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) who finds out she's the only living decent of the late king..i.e the princess of korea. The president of the Daehan Group works hard to return her to the Monarchy and his Grandson Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun) is put in charge of training the Princess and make her Monarchy worthy. The drama really kicks off when he finds himself totally attracted to Lee Seol and her cute charm but is faced with a dilemma when he realises restoring her to the Monarchy will be the reason behind him loosing his inheritance.

The chemistry between the two leads is like bursting at the seems...they are soo damn cute together its incredible! When I started watching the drama I thought oh he's okay looking and ended it it thinking wowzaaaaaaaaaa come to mama!! haha he is def swoon worthy and the storyline between them is sooo well written. The push and pull the not knowing if they will be together and confession even the kiss I was like OTTOKAE!! 

Its a very heart warming story not to add Lee Ki Kwang is in it and is as cute as ever!!! *Beast fans rejoice wohoooooo* and I can see why people in Korea and so KIM TAE HEE IS AMAZIng...she is a brilliantly good actress!!!! The ost is catchy I've been listening to it all day..!! I did end up crying at certain points in the drama because you just feel so bad for her!! * it seems that's how I rate how much I've liked the drama haha*

Def a recommendation for 2011!
Minzi's rating: 7/10

Saturday, 28 May 2011

KDrama Update..

Very Long overdue update!!!
So many things have happened since I blogged last...too many things to mention here but I just thought I would do my K-drama update since I have been LOVING what I was watching!! I have also seen quite a few dramas but I will be talking about the ones I would really recommend and break it up into installments so its not too lets get started!

1) 49 Days

This one the one I have JUST literally like JUST finished watching today..and I can honestly is an absolutely BRILLIANT drama. From the the characters to the chemistry to the acting..and even the fashion in this drama...everything about it was awesome!

This is romantic fantasy drama ( my favourite kind ) that revolves around a girl called Shin Ji Jyun who is cheerful naive and with a heart of gold yet totally oblivious to the things that are going on around her. After her engagement she has a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She finds out from 'The schedular' (Gorgeous Jung il Woo)  that she had actually died before her time and was given a second chance at life with a condition; she has to collect tears from 3 people who sincerely love her.

This drama leaves you wanting more with EVERY was so hard to stop watching and go to work!! lol the plot is absolutely fantastic!!!! Also I think one thing that made the drama even more heart wrenching especially towards the end is definitely the actors. They were soo commendable for their portrayal of the characters..I mean that's what you call acting....they sucked you in..and before you knew are in tears (if ur anything like me :p). Lee Yo Won once again shows how versatile and brilliant her acting abilities are...she is magnificent to watch!

I think you learn quite a lot about love and friendship in this its full of....O.o O.M.G nooowaaaayy moments which is brilliant here is nothing worse than figuring out what will happen half way through watching a drama. OST songs were brilliant too!!

I would definitely say this is one of my top 3 dramas ever!
Minzi's rating: 9/10

2) You're beautiful

I watched this particular one quite a long time ago actually..I'm surprised I haven't written about it. I initially did not expect this one to be as good as it turned out to be. The main reason for watching it was that it ranked at #1 on Dramacrazy so I was like how bad can it be...and my answer was....not at all!!

Essentially a romantic comedy..Its the story of a girl training to become a nun called Mi Nyu whose twin brother Mi Nam gets surgery just before his debut in the hottest Indie band A.N.Jell and has to stay concealed. The drama follows her story as she steps in for her brother as the 4th member of A.N.Jell and everything else that comes with being in the band.This was a very enjoyable drama...I laughed ALOT and obviously due to the handsomeness of the cast (YongHwa- CNblue-, Hongkki-FT island- and Jan Geun Suk) stared alot!! Park Shin Hye really shined in this drama...she did a brilliant job and made a totally cute couple with Jan Geun Suk who as always was awesome and so funny---his expressions were priceless! lool YongHwa also did a brilliant job for his first time as an actor..Hongkki acted like a 5 year half the time but it was so cute to watch!

Bonus Picture!! 
The music was very good and the main song was soooo catchy! The fashion was a but I guess it was meant to fit the style of the idol group. Hey Jan Geun Suk can put anything on and look awesome! kk bias much!?! Good plot...good story...not too heart wrenching and very this century with the whole idol crazyness!

If you have time I would def recommend as one to watch if you like to have a laugh and like a little bit of romance thrown in..

Minzi's rating: 7/10

Saturday, 5 February 2011

London IMATS Haul

Hey guys!!

Its been ages as usual BUT I've got blogger on my phone so be expecting really weird train posting!! haha
Anyway since last time I wrote on here...were life has been pretty boring lol but I did go to Imats which was extremely exciting!

For those of you who don't know IMATs is like the international make up artist show. This year we have the Pixiwoo sisters, PurseBuzz, Enkore makeup -Koren- and Gossmakeup as guest guru speakers and a bunch of different make-up brands displaying their was a really fun day!!

Pixiwoo Sisters - awesome awesome channel they are truly amazing!! Check out their Youtube Channel:

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my cousin Ana, since she loves make up just as much as I do! Unfortunately we didn't take pictures when we were there because we were too busy looking around the booths! It got slightly chaotic --- we even got pushed out of the way at the Crown Brushes booth because SO many people were there...p.s their brushes are awesome!!

I did buy a few things mainly brushes and sleek make-up! I was so excited to see sleek's full range there since my local superdrug haven't actually got the new stock out yet which is weird but are the things I got and swatches..

Sleek Makeup

Blushes - 

Rose Gold - Peach blush with pink undertones and gold shimmer-
I absolutely love this blush for everyday wear! Its been raved about as a dupe for Nars Orgasm...well I don't own orgasm but I can tell you this...this colour looks good on everybody!! Its perfect to give highlight to your cheeks and adds just the right be of colour without looking like you plastered your face with makeup! It is a bit powdery but its still amazing..

Rose Gold

Pomegranate - Pink blush with almost burgundy undertones and a pinky sheen...*a lot of pinks ay*
Now this colour I was absolutely IN LOVE with the moment I saw swatches of it online and was even more in love with it when I saw it...I had to get it! Its so beautiful its soo pigmented you only have to take a tiny tiny bit on the brush and it shows up so nicely! It adds this really nice flushed look to your cheeks! Ah I love..!!


Flushed - Matte Bright Pink-
Now this colour is a basic pink! I have so many blushes that are shimmery I just wanted a change and wanted something totally matte. This is so damn pigmented I had to kabuki brush my face to make it subtle! lol be careful with it...anyway its a great everyday colour if you're going for more understated lips and eyes.


Right to left : Flushed, Rose Gold, Pomegranate (Natural light)

1 touch swatches of Right: Flushed, Middle: Rose Gold, Left: Pomegranate


One of the reasons why I was so excited about IMATs was the one can have enough brushes and I was in desperate need to actually buy some new brushes. They had 2 massive booths at this year's imats one for crown brushes and the other for Royal and langnickel brushes. Here are some of the brushes I picked up..

Crown Brushes 

The busiest booth by far!!

Fluffy Brush similar to the mac 224
I mostly use this fluffy brush for applying and mixing in my concealer. It gives an even and light coverage and allows me to apply a good amount without it looking too cakey! its awesome for blending eye shadows and stuff..

Angled face brush

This brush I use for contouring my face. This brush if small enough to fit into the hollows of my cheeks and allows me to be precise since I have a small face!! The other picture is to actually show you how small it is compared to other face brushes..I really like this brush its dense enough to deposit colour properly and is quite soft..

Small flat top angled blending brush
I will honestly say that I bought this brush because I honestly just LOVED how it looked! haha I was like omg flat top and angled sweet! I have tried it since and its awesome to blend in the crease colour with the highlight colour..its surprisingly dense and allows the eye shadow to spread evenly..its a good purchase!

Royal & Langnickel Brushes

This booth was the first that we went to...and its awesome! I didn't even know about them to be honest but they are very very good and have a WIDE range of brushes. I only picked up 2 but they are awesome!

Tight Spot eyeliner brush
This I was sooo excited about!! I'm always on the hunt to find something to make putting eye-liner more efficient easier and the result more that makes sense. This is very similar to all the other brands out there like I know coastal scense do one as well. This is a great brush make the application smooth and easy peasy even for those who don't have a stable hand!

Mini Majestic shader brush
This one is called shader ...but Ana and I were super excited about this one because it was sooo small and so good for those tiny spots where using a large eyeliner brush totally fail to reach like the inner angle and stuff. This allows you to be very precise with your application...its awesome! I love it..

So that's all I got really....I thought I would spend sooo much money but I ended up doing a good job and buying only what I needed...well kinda! haha 

Hope you enjoy my haul and make sure to let me know what you think...

Have a lovely day!!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kdrama Update!!!


Ow yes I have been at it again!! Me and my TV shows..we're just inseparable and let me just get this out before I go conclusion is that Korean people REALLY know how to make good shows!!! I mean seriously good shows! Like tugging at every heart string, making me laugh out loud on the train on my way back home and make me cry all at the same time. The hot guys don't hurt either haha...So lets get started shall we...


1)  Personal Taste/ 개인의 취향. Staring Lee Min Ho (omg he's so hot...faint! lol) and Son Ye Jin (who is equally gorgeous!). 
I have recently like yesterday lol finished watching this...Okay lets start of with the when I first heard the synopsis I was a bit hesitant and didn't want to watch it straight away. Well that was a dumb thing to do lol because it was FANTASTIC!! 2nd favourite of all time after BOF..(isn't it funny LMH is in both hehe). So anyway its about this Architect Jeon Jin Ho who pretends to be gay in order to mean into Park Gae In's house.

Its a story of how they fall in love and how their live unfolds and how they bring out the best in each other. (Sigh)  So for those of you who are unlike myself and are not into the whole lovey dovey thing...this might not be your cup of tea but MAN did it hit the right spot with me. I mean I was awwing like crazy....and praying really really really hard to god to help me find a guy who would love me like that hahah! It was romantic and ow so funny at the same time. It was refreshing because it touched on a lot of social issues that are usually avoided like moving in together before marriage and the whole gay issue. It was done very tastefully and I loved every single minute of it! P.s the music was really good in this!

 Min's rating : 5/5

2) Mary Stayed out all Night/ 매리는 외박중. Starring Moon Geun Young and Jan Geun Suk.

So I watched this Drama a couple of weeks ago when May (My KDrama watching partner) recommended it to me. I was like well you don't need to convince me! haha so I started watching it not knowing anything about the synopsis or the story or anything. The story revolves around a girl called Wi Mae Ri who is being forced to marry a rich guy by her dad in order to clear his depths and the guy she truly loves Kang Moo Kyul. Its not awfully romantic and man do those 2 fight a lot. Its an edgier more real type of love story.

It was a very enjoyable show...I know I like it when I stay up until 4am watching it lol! It was good.. the story was a bit lacking and there was like a twilight situation where she found herself between 2 good guys who love her and then it turns into a quadrangle of love lol The Music was good in this...a bit repetitive at times but the lead actor sang most of the songs which I thought was pretty cool. I was a bit sceptical about their 'cool' or 'edgy' clothing tho..but who cares the guy wearing them was pretty cute! hehe 

Min Rating : 4/5

I've been watching the rest of my shows that consist of Glee, 90210, TVD, Nikita and the rest of it all that's on going. The new season of Greek came out too so I'm waiting to watch that! I've also accidentally watched an episode of life unexpected and now I'm it a good idea to take on another one? Maybe I can catch up while I wait for the other shows to come back from winter break or whatever its called...? lol << can u see how I'm talking myself into it? 

P.S -  so I'm knew at all the Kpop stuff so don't know much but I think I might be slightly obsessed with B2ST/ it wrong considering I'm older than old of them?? lol Their music is really good tho! Doesn't hurt that they're cute too :P 

Anyway that was my update for now! I'll keep who ever is reading this posted!
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Lots of love,


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New start to life...Love it and yourself!


So the start of the New Year has been a bit of a rocky one for a lot of people. The world seems to be in chaos what with all the shooting happening in North of America, the floods in Australia...and personally there seems to be a lot of people around me leaving our world.

The weird thing was even though I didn't know them that well, their departure as well as the manner of their departure really got to me. I'm not a psychologist and have never been in a position to take my own life so I'm not going to sit here and preach about it. All I wanted to say is that they were amazing people in their own right. I can't imagine what must have been going on in their heads of their hearts for them to take such a big decision.

The world around us is so full of hatred and anger and disappointment, so many bad feelings that could make even the strongest of us crumble and fall. So I have decided since it’s the New Year I will TRY my hardest to make everyone in my life happy. Do whatever I can do to try and help who ever needs help and bring a smile to their faces. I'm not saying my life is perfect but I feel that I have enough happiness to share around with everyone. Share the love as they say!

However, before 'sharing the love' I think it is even more important for every individual to love THEMSELVES before expecting other people to love them. Everyone has imperfections...no1 is perfect but it is important for every person to look in the mirror and remember that something about you being here is special. You have a purpose in have not been put on earth for no reason. To you, you might not be important or feel worthless/incompetent whatever it is that brings you down... but you never know to someone else you might someday mean the world, you might be the catalyst to their change as well as yours. So never underestimate yourself, your beauty, your strength, you power and especially the power of your love!! 

Make sure you try and smile every day, look in the mirror and appreciate yourself. Appreciate the life you've been given no matter what situation you're in. Be thankful to god and know that someone is always watching over you even if you're the lone sole on top of a mountain.

I hope you all they stay happy, life your life to the fullest because its short you know and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you have beautiful days that make you smile! 

Lots of love!! 


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!

I know its like 2 days late and all but hey  better late than never I guess! Its already almost the 3rd of Jan...seriously the days are going by too quick already!! hehe ^^

So once again I have been completely MIA and lost track of how long I haven't posted any updates on my blog! So lets quickly recap I guess ay...first of all ummmm I turned 22 years old eekk! I starting to feel it man! I went out to a really nice Morocco-ney restaurant in London with a bunch of my favourite people and then had ice creaaaaam in Hagen Daaz *best ice cream ever* in Leicester square! It was FREEZING COLD as it should be I guess lol it was the end of November!

Group picture!!! <3 Side note: the ceiling was like so low every time we stood up we would head butt one of the lanterns  haha!
Core 4!! hi5 ..These are the girls I can't live without! 
Can anyone guess who this is??!! Think Guest Blogger lol ;)

We also went to Go-Ape for Madhu's bday (the girl in white ^) which is like this outdoor group activity where you basically swing through trees - wearing a harness and stuff of course. It was soooo MUCH FUN even though it was like freezing and we were all shattered bruised and battered afterwards, we couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more!! It was terrifying at some points I had to breath in and out, calm myself down and just go for it! At the same time it was such a fun team building activity...and it definitely brought out the inner monkey in some of us hehe!

Core 4 getting ready to take on some trees! (yes I know we don't look glamorous we needed to stay warm and well get dirty without freaking out about clothes! lol)
Me un-attaching myself after the Tarzan Swing - yes I did try and do the voice and sounded totally weird! 
Me in between 2 giant trees!
Here we do look fabulous! Madhu's Bday dinner..
Ow yeah the bathroom picture! lol
After all that fun it was time for the Islamic New Year and so the start of the Holy Month of Muharam. The death anniversary of the Holy prophet's Grandson Imam Hussain (A.s) coincides on the 10th of this month, making this month especially important in our calendars. We usually spend most of this month and especially the first 10 days in mourning. -- Maybe i'll write a separate blog post on this -- it'll help explain what the whole event was about and how we commemorate his death each year.

Well now its the NEW YEAR yay!! 2010 was a very exciting year! A lot of things happened this year.. an even though it might not have ended in the best way possible... it is now time to concentrate on the future. Lets hope 2011 is the best year in our lives so far! Don't be afraid to go after what you want...dream big and never give up! Lets build a new unforgettable chapter in our lives and may you all stay happy and healthy!

One of the many new year's resolutions I've made is to keep this as updated as I can! lol which I will try my bestest best to do...and also to start off my own makeup youtube channel which I'm like so scared about...but I've been wanting to forever...Ill keep you posted on that one!!

Lots of Love,