Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Guest Blog....lil K!

Here is the last of the Guest Blogger Blogs .....for today at least this one cracked me up!

This IS a Man’s world!

Ever thought about how we speak of ourselves ladies.. i dunno about you gals but i’ve always heard us talk like we are the prey.

‘im waiting for Mr. Right to take my breath away’ – i hope you haven’t got asthma

‘Sweep me off my feet’ – you’ll hit head your hard enough

For those twilight fans – ‘Bite me’

‘Swoop me up and take me into your arms’ – do you wanna get crushed?

These are just some, im sure there’s plenty more. But do you see the pattern. I guess its nature, men are naturally the hunters, they pursue women and prey on us until we succumb to their powers. The thing is we love to be preyed upon; we taunt them with looks and our bodies. We secretly pretend that they don’t matter to us but we all know everything that we do is DIRECTLY related to them.

Dont you just love it when the guy chases you? There’s some sort of a rush about it, the feeling of being bait to a man is more alluring to us than ..i dare say CHOCOLATE! Yes i said it, god forgive me..

Despite this feeling, we are in their world. We wait for them. We act as prey for them. Think about it, if a guy doesn’t give you attention you will try and get his attention but if he doesn’t take the ‘bait’, well you move on. It’s their decision.

It truly is a Man’s world despite how far women have come since the caveMAN years we will never be the natural hunter. There are exceptions, there always are but for the majority of us, i don’t think we’ll ever be predators. However once we’ve got them bound to us legally, i think the true predator in us unleashes MUAHAHA!

Maybe it is a Woman’s world after all

Peace out! K-to-the-A-RISHMA x

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