Saturday, 5 February 2011

London IMATS Haul

Hey guys!!

Its been ages as usual BUT I've got blogger on my phone so be expecting really weird train posting!! haha
Anyway since last time I wrote on here...were life has been pretty boring lol but I did go to Imats which was extremely exciting!

For those of you who don't know IMATs is like the international make up artist show. This year we have the Pixiwoo sisters, PurseBuzz, Enkore makeup -Koren- and Gossmakeup as guest guru speakers and a bunch of different make-up brands displaying their was a really fun day!!

Pixiwoo Sisters - awesome awesome channel they are truly amazing!! Check out their Youtube Channel:

I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my cousin Ana, since she loves make up just as much as I do! Unfortunately we didn't take pictures when we were there because we were too busy looking around the booths! It got slightly chaotic --- we even got pushed out of the way at the Crown Brushes booth because SO many people were there...p.s their brushes are awesome!!

I did buy a few things mainly brushes and sleek make-up! I was so excited to see sleek's full range there since my local superdrug haven't actually got the new stock out yet which is weird but are the things I got and swatches..

Sleek Makeup

Blushes - 

Rose Gold - Peach blush with pink undertones and gold shimmer-
I absolutely love this blush for everyday wear! Its been raved about as a dupe for Nars Orgasm...well I don't own orgasm but I can tell you this...this colour looks good on everybody!! Its perfect to give highlight to your cheeks and adds just the right be of colour without looking like you plastered your face with makeup! It is a bit powdery but its still amazing..

Rose Gold

Pomegranate - Pink blush with almost burgundy undertones and a pinky sheen...*a lot of pinks ay*
Now this colour I was absolutely IN LOVE with the moment I saw swatches of it online and was even more in love with it when I saw it...I had to get it! Its so beautiful its soo pigmented you only have to take a tiny tiny bit on the brush and it shows up so nicely! It adds this really nice flushed look to your cheeks! Ah I love..!!


Flushed - Matte Bright Pink-
Now this colour is a basic pink! I have so many blushes that are shimmery I just wanted a change and wanted something totally matte. This is so damn pigmented I had to kabuki brush my face to make it subtle! lol be careful with it...anyway its a great everyday colour if you're going for more understated lips and eyes.


Right to left : Flushed, Rose Gold, Pomegranate (Natural light)

1 touch swatches of Right: Flushed, Middle: Rose Gold, Left: Pomegranate


One of the reasons why I was so excited about IMATs was the one can have enough brushes and I was in desperate need to actually buy some new brushes. They had 2 massive booths at this year's imats one for crown brushes and the other for Royal and langnickel brushes. Here are some of the brushes I picked up..

Crown Brushes 

The busiest booth by far!!

Fluffy Brush similar to the mac 224
I mostly use this fluffy brush for applying and mixing in my concealer. It gives an even and light coverage and allows me to apply a good amount without it looking too cakey! its awesome for blending eye shadows and stuff..

Angled face brush

This brush I use for contouring my face. This brush if small enough to fit into the hollows of my cheeks and allows me to be precise since I have a small face!! The other picture is to actually show you how small it is compared to other face brushes..I really like this brush its dense enough to deposit colour properly and is quite soft..

Small flat top angled blending brush
I will honestly say that I bought this brush because I honestly just LOVED how it looked! haha I was like omg flat top and angled sweet! I have tried it since and its awesome to blend in the crease colour with the highlight colour..its surprisingly dense and allows the eye shadow to spread evenly..its a good purchase!

Royal & Langnickel Brushes

This booth was the first that we went to...and its awesome! I didn't even know about them to be honest but they are very very good and have a WIDE range of brushes. I only picked up 2 but they are awesome!

Tight Spot eyeliner brush
This I was sooo excited about!! I'm always on the hunt to find something to make putting eye-liner more efficient easier and the result more that makes sense. This is very similar to all the other brands out there like I know coastal scense do one as well. This is a great brush make the application smooth and easy peasy even for those who don't have a stable hand!

Mini Majestic shader brush
This one is called shader ...but Ana and I were super excited about this one because it was sooo small and so good for those tiny spots where using a large eyeliner brush totally fail to reach like the inner angle and stuff. This allows you to be very precise with your application...its awesome! I love it..

So that's all I got really....I thought I would spend sooo much money but I ended up doing a good job and buying only what I needed...well kinda! haha 

Hope you enjoy my haul and make sure to let me know what you think...

Have a lovely day!!

Lots of love,