Monday, 9 April 2012

BFF days out..

So we (BFF and I) that Kim Soo Hyun aka. King Hwon in Moon Embraces the Sun was london bound and ever since that second I was restless..I was like I need to see him I need to see him! But as is life I got busy with work and wasn't able to go out 'Stalking' ---- note we don't stalk like saesang fans...!! yeah just wanted to say that lol

The first day he was here one of our friends actually saw him in oxford street while he was on his way out of TOPSHOP we were all like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH spazzing as she was updating us on fb!! I was like future husband I need to see u!! T.T lol

The next day we went out as a fun day out, the sun was shinning ( not for very long -.-) and we met a new friend a long the it was fun we walked down Oxford street shopping and 'hoping' to bump into him..but guess what...he didn't show up!! :( I was a lil sad until we started taking pictures and I totally forgot about it!! hehe It turned into a really fun day out and we shared a LOT of laughs - to the point where people were starting to look at us and think we were on something!! lol

Here are some pictures we took that day!!

Love spending time with the BFF and getting 'couple' things!!! hehe :)

So even though mission find Kim Soo Hyun was an epic FAIL the day was awesome!!!!

Thank you Wuri Chingu for giving me so many laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!

P.s Around 2 months ago...we did get to meet Siwon from Super Junior...had eye contact, shook his hand and actually was told 'Nice to meet you'....I was standing there like O.O this really him??....didn't sink in till like 2 weeks later when I totally spazzed out!! haha here is a candid pic I took of him since we weren't allowed any actual pictures..


Well then, until my next life to its fullest and never stop smiling!!