Thursday, 7 October 2010

be who YOU want to be..!!

Be who you want to be!

If you speak ever to anybody who’s either in high school or has been through the whole high school experience....they’ll all tell you how it’s not as easy and fun as it some they might be the best days of your life! But to others it’s a time not to remember!

For those who were lucky enough to be totally cool and have not experienced much of what I’m talking about..I’m so happy and thankful for you!  but unfortunately in today’s society this doesn’t apply to high school anymore this behaviour is not only being practised in school around children anymore...adults..Knowledgeable adults in our day to day life still act in this manner. Whether it’s at work or social gatherings, families where ever it may be...behaviour like this shouldn’t be tolerated.

There’s a great Anti Bullying PSA campaign that was launched in America this week featuring a lot of well known faces like Tim Gunn, Iain Somerhalder, Anne Hathaway.. etc talking about standing up to bullying...and never giving up. It’s a great motion to support and get behind.


Personally, I’ve been lucky enough not to come across major bullying in my high school years I was always the kid who got along with everybody and was nice to everybody....or so I thought! I didn’t experience the nasty bullying some kids these days go through but there certainly were a lot of things that could have made me less miserable in high school. Peer pressure, the pressure to conform and be just like your friends to fit talk, act, dress in a certain way so that you don’t stand out..the back stabbing the bitching the jealousy...ahh all that drama!!

Only after I moved away and came to the UK that I felt that I could be completely talk like myself to act like myself because no-one knew me and it was my opportunity to be the person I wanted to be...
I feel going through what I did in high school even though was stressful...Definitely!! But at the same time it has helped me be the person I am today. I’m no longer afraid to voice my opinion, I can dress the way I to whoever I want completely and totally who I want to be and if people don’t like it....well they’ll just have to deal with it. Through this I have made amazing friends, friends I can be so completely and totally myself and it makes me thankful to god that he’s allowed me to share my life with such people...overall I did have a great high school experience I wouldn’t change it because I do have great memories..But most of all I don’t think I regret any of it...

I think what I’m trying to say from all my rambles is...don’t let anybody tell you you’re not good’re not pretty’ll never be as happy or successful as someone else. You have to live YOUR have to make your life a life you’ll be proud of when you look back at it..Build you happy memories share them with those people who make you feel alive...wear your heart on your sleeves and most of all be strong...because those people who put you down now..Might be doing it because they’re missing something in their own lives...And the only way to get power back is to put you don’t let them get to you!!

Don’t be afraid to speak out because remember everything you’re going through today will make you so much stronger ....I always remember one thing Kandee Johnson said on her youtube channel and it literally struck home...the more people break you down..The more they make your heart shatter into a million pieces...the louder/brighter you’ll shine! Because a million shattered pieces reflect even more light to even more dimensions and places!

So never give up! Smile and let the world smile with you!! 

You are all beautiful in your own special way...and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Lots of love!
(p.s....I love you Kandee!!)



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