Monday, 27 September 2010

Korean Dramas...Yes I love them!

Now you might be thinking...Korean dramas? What? How? Do you even understand them?

Unfortunately the answer to that is no I don't but thankfully there are amazing people out there who subtitle everything into English to make it easier for people like mee!! So I first got into them in High school with my friends May who is Burmese and Garbo who is neither one of them is korean lol but we still sat there and watched all these shows in subtitle..the first one we watched together was My girl which was Hilarious and ow soo cute!!

Now again you're thinking but WHAT? there are shows like Glee, Vampire Diaries etc etc that you could be watching..and I DO! believe me I love those shows too but these dramas have a certain charm about them...I can't seem to stop watching when I start...! They are just so captivating, the stories they tell are so touching *the ones I watched at least*, they tug at every heart string you got *even tho i kno this is scientifically incorrect* and make you feel like you can't stop crying and smiling at the same time..

Plus, even though I am Asian there is a big culture difference and its just soo interesting to watch the differences in the way they interact and stuff...ow and THEIR FASHION omg I love their fashion sense I always have and always will...I love how coool and modern they look when they wear their clothes and only they can pull it off to be honest..

So anyway the one I certainly just finished was called 'Boys over Flowers' which is a south Korean Drama based off a Japanese comic I THINK..I'm not too sure...anywho I really really recommend it if you're a total sucker for love stories..I mean I was proper addicted to this.. every time I was on my laptop its like I couldn't help but watch a bit of it..its about this girl Gneum Jan Di and the story of how she got into this rich kid school and what happens when she meets this group the F4 and stuff....there's a great love triangle!! I really don't wanna spoil I won't say much but o.m.g I LOVED IT!

Now after watching the show it is VERY HARD not to fall in love with the characters because how well they are portrayed...even though each one of them appears all happy and content they all have their own story and their own struggles and the actors do a fantastic job at peeling back all the different layers these characters have to reveal their different dimensions..I was in a totally dreamy lovey mood at the end...I keep sighing every 2 mins!

The actors...LOL I dunno where to start...well the lead <3 Lee Min Ho <3 is HOT lol 

Lee Min Ho

*FYI - for some reason I think asian *as in Korean, japanese..etc etc guys are quite good looking...they ooze coolness! lol* to be fair...they are all cute in their own way..the girl is very cute too! Very Charming..n omg so talented she's an actress writer director illustrator..the list goes on basically..

Anywaaaaaaaaaay me being the geek I am...I kinda youtubed everything and omg half of them are like pop stars in korea...especially the other lead actor..Kim Hyun Joong is like the leader of a boy band called SS501..who btw have quite good songs *yes i dont understand them but those have subtitles too n the beat is good so yeah lol* n OMG he can dance I was like woow *i sound 16*

Kim Hyun Joong

Yes so I totally Geek-ed out and couldn't stop youtubing videos interviews bloopers and so on for a good 3 hours *gasp*...things like this really make me think WHY CAN'T I SPEAK KOREAN! but the shows help my basics so I'm getting there..

Right so I know this might have been totally random but I felt I needed to share my geeky-ness lol

Until next time!

Annyeong =)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drop Dead Awesome-ness


So about a year ago through my love and addiction of US sitcoms, I came across this show called 'Drop Dead Diva'. Now I thought ow what a cheesy name saw the advert and thought hmmm interesting..this hasn't been done before..well that I know of or seen atleast...

So the show is about this hot model called Deb who gets into a car accident...goes to the 'waiting room' which is before heaven and hell and presses the 'return' button that was on her angel's desk. Now something goes wrong and her soul comes back to earth but get this..the twist enters the body of a how would you say this.. voluptuous super busy lawyer called Jane.

Now you can understand the difficulties that might arise with being in a totally different body but she slowly starts to appreciate her life the way it is and even starts dating. However through the series she still holds onto the hope of one day telling grayson *Deb's ow so cute bf* that she is in fact Deb and not plain Jane.

ANYWAY...I won't spoil it u gotta watch it...I finally watched season 2 finale last night and OMG like seriously it was good! So season 1 was funny, exciting full of singing and dancing because she was getting to know her self and finished off with a big cliffhanger. This season was a bit more dramatic and serious compared to the previous season BUT fear not because its still full of cute *aww* moments. You can see the relationship between grayson and Jane develop further AND stacey & Fred still there so its all good!! Stacey is Deb/Jane's bff and is sooo damn funny because of her blondness..! i love her! There are even a few musical numbers which are always fun!

BUT *SPOILER ALERT--->don't read further if you actually wanna watch the show* omg this season's cliffhanger!!!!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO at the end it was like dudes please don't KILL HIM! Especially right at the end when he goes Deb?? and its like ow god no no does this means he's really dead???

Anyway I think I spoke too much..ahh okay so I love the show can't wait for it to come back june 2011 *gasp june 2011 I know how am I meant to wait for that long*

Ah anyway...till next time!




Saturday, 18 September 2010



So I've been hiatus-ing again this time we were whisked off to France by my lovely dad!! We went to visit some family friends in Marseilles..and it was SUCH A GOOD TRIP!
I had never met the family before ..they had spent a summer in Dubai with my dad and brother while mum & I were stuck in London around 2 years it was all HIII and owww this is your daughter ahh! lol

We were there for 5 days and it was soo good! I mean it wasn't what I expected France to be like to be honest because it was full of Arabs (Hi5) so it felt a bit like home and it was sooo relaxing and since Marseilles is an old city the road were big enough to fit 1 car! I tell you those people have guts to drive on those roads they were soooo steep and so narrow and they were 2 way!!! it was like ow god don't die don't die! lol!

Breath taking isn't it?!
Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, we were taken to all these scenic spots that took my breath away! They were soo peaceful and soo beautiful, I can honestly say that we met some amazing people who welcomed us so completely into their lives and showed us around..I feel so privileged to have spent 5 wonderful days with such generous people. I'm hoping we can show them the same generosity and kindness they showed us when they come to visit at the end of the month *yay excited*...well okay only Omar and tata but still..

Mum, Tata, Omar, Amu, Dad and mee!! =)

So I think all of us have come back with the determination of learning a bit more French before out next visit to France...however that might not be possible since I'm going to Paris for the day for my friend's b-day this week..Hollllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! lol 

But anyway here are more pictures! 


Amu, HuSs, Me, Mum...and the scenery!

Group picture of the top of Notre Dame! *freezing my butt off*

I love this picture! This was on the top of the Notre Dame and it was so windy! 

Group picture at the view port!

So here you go..That was my trip away! Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures...I'm sure not as much as I enjoyed experiencing the journey but yeah lol

Until next time...

Au Revoir mon ami!!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010



Soo I have been gone for what seems like forever since my very first post..which isn't very good BUT I have a very good excuse. As you know...*or maybe don't* it has beeeen the month of Ramadhan which is basically this month where all the muslim worth fast from sunrise to sunset..well in England it has been like a 17 Hr fast which i thought was gonna be HORRENDOUS but surprisingly hasn't been so bad!

Anyway we we usually go to mosque and its a very spiritually uplifting month so have been super busy with that and family get together to that's my excuse for neglecting the blog...but now I'm back! woop!

Right so before the month started we actually did a lot of things that I kept thinking oo I should post that..and that..and it begins now! lol

A day before Ramadhan started my lovely cousin Abrar (Absi) and my friend Zahra K went on a cupcake expedition around london. I had seen this video on youtube about these 2 girls doing it around their home town and got encouraged so this was our adventure around london....That aim was to buy 2 cupcakes from each shop their most popular and one we liked the look off and then grade them against how yum they were and how soft and moist they were...

This is the first shop we went to, I loved the look of this shop is all pink and colourful and the decore inside was adorable!! So this place sold cupcakes * that were more muffins than cupcakes*, fudge cakes and lots n lots of sweets...

Candy Cakes- Covent Garden

How cute is this!!!
Blueberry cheesecake (popular) and double chocolate (yum looking)

2nd place we went to was.....Ella's this place is solely for cupcakes! its was very hard to choose only 2...looks very fancy doesn't it!

Ella's - Covent Garden *ppsst- can u see zahra with her purple hijab?? hehe*
Pretty Packaging

1 peanut butter cupcake (top Left), Lemon cupcake (top right) and 2 Oreo cupcakes at the bottom
3rd place we went to wassssssssss...*drum roll* Primrose Bakery who again specialise in cakes and cupcakes..they make cupcake tier wedding cakes and alll...they even have their own primrose bakery recipe book how cool..

Primrose in lol forgot where exactly it was..

lemon and lime (left), chocolate with vanilla icing (right)

The 4th place we went to was........Hummingbird Bakery! Now this one is really fancy and is very well cousin who recently got married got her wedding cake from there and it was DIVINE!! 
They are very well known for their cupcakes especially their red velvet one *DROOOOOL*...they also have their own recipe book they're THAT good lol...

The hummingbird bakery in south kensington

Red velvet (left), chocolate with vanilla icing and sprinkles (right)

Finally the lassssssst place we went to was whole sale wasn't for the cupcakes really but we found some anyway! hehe so they had these beautiful cupcakes and some vegan ones too which were interesting...all organic! woop! I picked just 1 up from was the most beautiful one and the rose was actual cream!!!!


The verdict:

Hummingbird Bakery won by a mile!! Their cupcakes were the best priced for the quality you got...they were soft, moist and the icing was favourite the red velvet cake came out on top as rated by all 3 of us..I mean its was just delish! Close second came the double chocolate cupcake from candy cakes soooooo good!...the rest were okay average for the taste and price.....

So there was one of our adventures...hope you get to go out and try these yourself!!

Have a great day!!