Tuesday, 5 October 2010


So for this entry we're changing it up a lil bit...I talked one of my best mates to write a guest blog entry for my blog and she did such a great job! 

Guest Blogger : Lil K

There’s this little thing called LOVE..

It’s been going on in my head for a few years now, ‘What is this love?’ I have to know what this feels like. Whats the big deal, i mean its just a four lettered word, why is there such a weight put on it?
I’ll tell you why because its the most deepest word out there, it has the power to stop people from their normal routines, it has the desire to make one feel elated, it possesses the power to pull you towards someone like no other force. Not that i know how that feels.. i mean ive learned all this from watching movies. Big whoop!

The definition of love for me is non existant, i don’t know what it means, what it feels like and im afraid i won’t know when its my turn. I mean i thought i was ‘falling’ in love with someone waaaaay back when i was a kid but c’mon who can take a child’s feelings seriously. I blame that on the hormones. But if someone’s never known what love is then how is one meant to identify it? What if tomorrow i meet someone and it becomes serious how the hell am i supposed to really know if its TRUE love?

I think they should invent something that could identify this. Some sort of a barcode gun that when you point it at the persons heart it will scan it and reveal their feelings to you.. invasion of privacy i hear you say but dammit it would solve my problem!

But before all that can begin..we need to find a true match. What a depressing thought!

Peace out. K-to-the-A-RISHMA x

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