Friday, 5 November 2010

Life Update!

I've been away for too long once again...its amazing days pass by so quickly and before you realise it..a month's come and gone..and so much has happened this month...

Firstly I've been down with this terrible cold for the best part of 2 weeks now and I can't seem to shake it off its getting annoying now...even though I'm kind of enjoying the husky voice since I'm known as squeaky! lool!! Its different..I do miss my squeaky-ness though like the other day I finally got my boots Card and I was so excited but my voice was like non-existent so I sounded hyper-sonic! lol

Anywaaaaaaaay I've been trying to make myself useful since I'm a graduate and there are hardly any jobs going SO I've literally been trying to experience as much as I can to see where I fit in and what my niche is..and I'm liking where its going...

I've got 2 teaching jobs at my university, yes the same one I graduated from but this time I walk in with a staff badge instead of a student badge so weird but I Lurv it! I still get to see all my medic friends and the 3rd year physios woop! aw i do feel old! and even though the days are variable its keeping me busy and I've realised its helped me a lot with my anatomy and all which is all good! Its given me more confidence with presentation as well...valuable transferable skills...Check! I've also got as a physio with a sports team which I am EXTREMELY excited about since this is exactly what I wanted to be experiencing! I'll keep you posted on how it goes...I was terrified on my first day but it wasn't too bad! =) I know more than I thought..go me!

However, the days where I have nothing to do I've literally been just resting to recover from this cold, playing around with my makeup, Online shopping, and just youtubing...*sounds boring but slow pace is what I need* and ow lets not forget watching like a billion shows! I think ill post reviews of all that I've seen so far in the next post..!!

Other than that, everyone's been really busy lately, with family stuff, uni stuff, work stuff and I haven't been able to actually meet my girls for a while so I'm suffering from core 4 withdrawal symptoms! Next week if the week though so its coooool!!!

haha on the beach Duabi 09 around 11.30 pm..all looking dead tired! still fabulous though!
They'll kill me for this!  
I promise I'll keep keep posting now that my hectic month has started to slow down a bit and I have a bit more time to myself! I've bought a couple of new things i'll do swatches and reviews on and all...Other than that...not much to say atm! I just want to thank everyone for reading my blog..I started this off thinking only 1 or 2 people would be reading this but I've been surprised! So thank you to everyone for taking some time out of your day to read my blog!!

Please don't hesitate to comment and IF you really like it please follow me haha *that was cheeky*

Right well...lots of love!!


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