Saturday, 28 May 2011

KDrama Update..

Very Long overdue update!!!
So many things have happened since I blogged last...too many things to mention here but I just thought I would do my K-drama update since I have been LOVING what I was watching!! I have also seen quite a few dramas but I will be talking about the ones I would really recommend and break it up into installments so its not too lets get started!

1) 49 Days

This one the one I have JUST literally like JUST finished watching today..and I can honestly is an absolutely BRILLIANT drama. From the the characters to the chemistry to the acting..and even the fashion in this drama...everything about it was awesome!

This is romantic fantasy drama ( my favourite kind ) that revolves around a girl called Shin Ji Jyun who is cheerful naive and with a heart of gold yet totally oblivious to the things that are going on around her. After her engagement she has a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She finds out from 'The schedular' (Gorgeous Jung il Woo)  that she had actually died before her time and was given a second chance at life with a condition; she has to collect tears from 3 people who sincerely love her.

This drama leaves you wanting more with EVERY was so hard to stop watching and go to work!! lol the plot is absolutely fantastic!!!! Also I think one thing that made the drama even more heart wrenching especially towards the end is definitely the actors. They were soo commendable for their portrayal of the characters..I mean that's what you call acting....they sucked you in..and before you knew are in tears (if ur anything like me :p). Lee Yo Won once again shows how versatile and brilliant her acting abilities are...she is magnificent to watch!

I think you learn quite a lot about love and friendship in this its full of....O.o O.M.G nooowaaaayy moments which is brilliant here is nothing worse than figuring out what will happen half way through watching a drama. OST songs were brilliant too!!

I would definitely say this is one of my top 3 dramas ever!
Minzi's rating: 9/10

2) You're beautiful

I watched this particular one quite a long time ago actually..I'm surprised I haven't written about it. I initially did not expect this one to be as good as it turned out to be. The main reason for watching it was that it ranked at #1 on Dramacrazy so I was like how bad can it be...and my answer was....not at all!!

Essentially a romantic comedy..Its the story of a girl training to become a nun called Mi Nyu whose twin brother Mi Nam gets surgery just before his debut in the hottest Indie band A.N.Jell and has to stay concealed. The drama follows her story as she steps in for her brother as the 4th member of A.N.Jell and everything else that comes with being in the band.This was a very enjoyable drama...I laughed ALOT and obviously due to the handsomeness of the cast (YongHwa- CNblue-, Hongkki-FT island- and Jan Geun Suk) stared alot!! Park Shin Hye really shined in this drama...she did a brilliant job and made a totally cute couple with Jan Geun Suk who as always was awesome and so funny---his expressions were priceless! lool YongHwa also did a brilliant job for his first time as an actor..Hongkki acted like a 5 year half the time but it was so cute to watch!

Bonus Picture!! 
The music was very good and the main song was soooo catchy! The fashion was a but I guess it was meant to fit the style of the idol group. Hey Jan Geun Suk can put anything on and look awesome! kk bias much!?! Good plot...good story...not too heart wrenching and very this century with the whole idol crazyness!

If you have time I would def recommend as one to watch if you like to have a laugh and like a little bit of romance thrown in..

Minzi's rating: 7/10


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  2. Ooooo.. 1st one to comment :D.

    I'll start with '49days'. I totally agree with what you’ve said. Here are a few points I like to complement your piece;

    Genre – ‘Fantasy’ n ‘Romance’.
    I have to say this drama has one of the best plots, which will keep you on your toes with loads of unpredictable and mind-blowing twists.

    In fact, I prefer this drama more than 'Secret Garden', a very popular 'fantasy' drama; because, in my opinion, the plots in this drama simply ROCK despite SG having more funny scenes. It started off light and fluffy yet interesting. Then it reeled you in gradually, before you know it, you are hooked to this drama (post-mid episodes)! It just gets better and better, more and more interesting, especially after ep 8-9. These are the episodes where I normally lost my interest for a bit and wonder off before coming back to endure through so that I can experience the good stuffs near the end.

    On contrary, this drama left me wanting more during those eps to a point that I would start watching without sub, lol. I was literally counting days for Wed and Thurs, when this drama was aired in Korea and raw videos uploaded at night, and Fri, when these videos are subbed. Having watched A LOT (and I meant A LOT) of k-dramas, I could normally kind of predict what will happen from the clues in the present drama or my gut feeling. But this drama, I could only do so for earlier episodes. My predictions and gut feelings of what will happen went out of the window in the last few episodes. For instance, I thought I knew how the ending will turn out after watching episode 18. Ohh boiii, how wrong was I????

    Despite being the ‘fantasy’ genre drama, the whole drama flows and the whole thing just makes sense. In addition, it has a lot of useful life messages that we can take home.

    The romance part of the drama is also a total success as well! Daebak!!! The chemistry between the actors is amazing. If this drama were a science lab, the chemistry between the couples in the drama would be so reactive that it would explode with AWESOMENESS! Excuse my geeky lame attempted-joke,:P. The love portrayed between the couples was tender and so romantic while the friendship developed throughout the drama was touching. All the actors in this drama are so talented and must have worked really hard; I would be totally surprised if any of them won’t win any award!

    Eyecandy/ character you would fall for :p – Well well well, if I don’t start off with the scheduler (played by Jung Il Woo), it wouldn’t be fair. I thought he was cute and a bit cool in ‘Take care of the young Lady’, but he totally convinced me that he’s a COOL guy (with a capital C), who oozes and shines with coolness in this drama. He’s funky, quirky and stylish yet he can also be a ‘nice guy’ with a romantic side. Another guy that deserves the attention is K___ahhh (I can only use initial with suffix since I might spoil the beginning bits if I mentioned the full screen name). Although he seems a bit old for my taste his character is a total prince charming, disguised by a cold-hearted personality coating. His character becomes more and more likeable episode after episode since you get to see more and more of his caring and love for the lead female actor.

    All the female actors in this drama are really beautiful, esp Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) and Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won), whose characters are so loveable as well.

    Overall, I felt all sorts of emotions along with the actors in this drama; laughed, cried, felt touched, was sad, was happy and more. It really was an adventurous roller coaster ride. I would totally recommend it to any k-drama lovers :D.

  3. You're beautiful.

    Since I wrote like an essay length comment for 49 days, I’ll keep this one as short as I can.

    If you like/love ‘MY GIRL’ and ‘ BOYS OVER FLOWER’ like us, you will like/love this drama.

    On contrary to 49 days, this is a typical Korean drama, with a bit of predictable plot. But why watch it? I’ll give you a couple of reasons.

    1) It’s the ride that counts not the destination! As a typical Korean comedy-romantic drama, it is packed with a lot of funny( some hilarious) scenes and touching romance between female lead with 1st male lead in addition to 2nd male lead and THIRD male lead.
    (F <3 M1, F <3 M2, BONUS F <3 M3). These humour, romance and chemistry will simply keep you entertain throughout the drama.

    2) Because sukkie(aka Hwang Tae Kyung in the drama) is the main lead!!! If you have a JGS fever like me:p, this drama a temporary cure with the ‘giddiness’ side-effect.

    3) If he isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can easily get a second lead syndrome with very good-looking (+ totally romantic, always-there-for-her with a big heart character) Kang Shin Woo, played by ‘Jung Yong Hwa’!

    4) Failing that, there’s still plenty more fish in this drama. Although he isn’t my type, esp with blond hair in this drama, the third male lead Jeremy, played by ‘Lee Hongki’ is a good-looking guy. He played a cute and lively character who always makes you laugh in this drama. BTW, did I mention that all male actors are also established singers with beautiful/awesome voices?

    5) Female Actors – The main female lead, Park Shin Hye (Go Mi Nam /Go Mi Nyu), is not just a pretty/ cute face; she portrayed her character really well and has a great chemistry with JKS on n off camera. (JGS <3 PSH). Yoo He Yi, played by a girl-band(after school) member UEE, is gorgeous if can look passed her evil character that she portrayed.

    I’ve seen it a couple of times and still love it :D !!!