Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New start to life...Love it and yourself!


So the start of the New Year has been a bit of a rocky one for a lot of people. The world seems to be in chaos what with all the shooting happening in North of America, the floods in Australia...and personally there seems to be a lot of people around me leaving our world.

The weird thing was even though I didn't know them that well, their departure as well as the manner of their departure really got to me. I'm not a psychologist and have never been in a position to take my own life so I'm not going to sit here and preach about it. All I wanted to say is that they were amazing people in their own right. I can't imagine what must have been going on in their heads of their hearts for them to take such a big decision.

The world around us is so full of hatred and anger and disappointment, so many bad feelings that could make even the strongest of us crumble and fall. So I have decided since it’s the New Year I will TRY my hardest to make everyone in my life happy. Do whatever I can do to try and help who ever needs help and bring a smile to their faces. I'm not saying my life is perfect but I feel that I have enough happiness to share around with everyone. Share the love as they say!

However, before 'sharing the love' I think it is even more important for every individual to love THEMSELVES before expecting other people to love them. Everyone has imperfections...no1 is perfect but it is important for every person to look in the mirror and remember that something about you being here is special. You have a purpose in life...you have not been put on earth for no reason. To you, you might not be important or feel worthless/incompetent whatever it is that brings you down... but you never know to someone else you might someday mean the world, you might be the catalyst to their change as well as yours. So never underestimate yourself, your beauty, your strength, you power and especially the power of your love!! 

Make sure you try and smile every day, look in the mirror and appreciate yourself. Appreciate the life you've been given no matter what situation you're in. Be thankful to god and know that someone is always watching over you even if you're the lone sole on top of a mountain.

I hope you all they stay happy, life your life to the fullest because its short you know and I wish from the bottom of my heart that you have beautiful days that make you smile! 

Lots of love!! 


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