Thursday, 29 December 2011

Korean Drama Recommendations..

This is the list of recommended Dramas by my best friend and drama expert May <3

Autumn Tale : 2000

My first Korean drama. One of the best classic Korean dramas :). song seung hun song hye kyo :).

My Girl: 2006

One of my all-time fav ron-com. HALARIOUS, I have watched it time after time and love it every time I watch it :D. I have so many good memories watching it :).

Winter Sonata

Another classic romantic drama :). Filmed by the same director who made “ Autumn Tale” a big hit !

Boys over Flowers- 2009

One word 'EPIC' ron-com! My 2nd most re-watched drama :) (1st being 'My girl')

You're beautiful-2009

Similar to BOF . Jang Geun Suk Park Shin Hye :).

Personal Preference- 2010

Another really good ron-com :). Not as good as BOF but still really really good. LMH cute semi-rabbit teeth :p.

"My Girlfriend is a gumiho/nine-tailed fox" 2010

Hilarious and heart-warming ron-com. My first and fav Lee Seungi's drama :D. A phrase you are most likely to learn after watching this drama "namu namu namu chiowahae/really really really like ----". Lee seungi Shin minha.

"Dream High" 2010

Like Minaz said, korean glee. May be a little bit better version :p. Kim hyun joong is in the 1st ep i almost fainted!! - p.s its minzi! haha

"Mary stayed all night" 2010

 This is where my JGS fever started, he has the cutest n most charismatic KILLER SMILE *sighs....*. My first JGS drama :D. Both of them started their acting career from a young age. No wonder they are so good at acting, they look so cute together in this drama :).

"My Princess" 2010.

Another awesome ron-com. Song Seung hun Kim Tae Hae

"49 days" 2011

Not so typical K-drama, amazing plots that will keep you interested week after week! "Fantasy" and "Romance" . I all the actors/actresses here, they are all AMAZING ! 

"City Hunter" 2011

Ron-con + action. There's only been a few eps so can't say much about it. This is not the official pic, but I just like LMH hair in this pic best. In addition, he wears his gorgeous smile with cute semi-rabbit teeth in this pic :p. 

Lee Minho Park Min Young (real life couple alert woho)

"Lie to me" 2011

Typical k ron-com that will makes you want to watch more and more! I'm a hug fan of Yun Eun Hye(actress) ! My first drama of Kang Ji Wan. 

Awesome chemistry between the main leads. YEH KJW

"Greatest Love/best Love" 2011

The funniest drama of 2011 so far! I'm LOL-ing like a fool in every ep. Hong sisters are the best when it comes to comedy in romantic drama ! If you like 'my girl' or 'you're beautiful', you will love this too :).

" Scent of a woman" 2011

I thought this drama would be sad and depressing after reading the description of it. But I checked it out anyway because it is the first drama of Lee Dong Wook from " MY GIRL " (my fav k-drama) since he's out from his military service. I was hooked from the first ep !!! It's up the 8th one now and there isn't a single ep that I don't love watching. There is something about this drama that makes me wanting more and more !!! It's witty and heart-warming :). I really hope the ending won't be sad, I'm a sucker for happy ending :P. 

P.s - my favourite ost of this drama - by Junsu from JYJ, who also had a cameo scene in ep 5.

*Protect the Boss* 2011

Cute and funny ron-com drama. It's up to ep 4 now, so far so good !!! I luv every ep of it and can't wait for the next week !!!

The song is so cute, energetic and very catchy!

*Flower boy Ramyun shop* 2011

A typical korean rom-con with a touch of anime quirkiness and adorable characters, which make this drama refreshing. A bit like BOF in a way since both of them have 4 flower boys :p! This drama is definitely worth the fuzz :D !!!

*Me too, flower" 2011 

RON-com I was initially put off by the name and the official poster of it on 'dramacrazy'. But after watching a few episodes, I absolutely love it! I've seen up to ep 13, so far SO GOOD! Really interesting plot and quite romantic ^_^.

*99 days with the star* 2011

Japanese Ron-com. I initially watched this drama for Kim Tae Hee but I later found Ok Taecyeon( 2PM) as a side bonus! Even though I needed a few eps of Japanese accents adaptation from Korean accents, I really started to like the drama, the plot and even the romance/a bit of chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and this old Jap actor :p!

I absolutely love this song, it's a shame the Jap doesn't do the Ost properly or doesn't post it on youtube. 

And here it is....the dramas from the drama expert!!! Trust me she knows what she's talking about she's watched A LOT of dramas!!! :) 

So here you go...if you haven't seen any of these be sure to watch them!! 

Lots of love!!



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