Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kdrama Update!!!


Ow yes I have been at it again!! Me and my TV shows..we're just inseparable and let me just get this out before I go conclusion is that Korean people REALLY know how to make good shows!!! I mean seriously good shows! Like tugging at every heart string, making me laugh out loud on the train on my way back home and make me cry all at the same time. The hot guys don't hurt either haha...So lets get started shall we...


1)  Personal Taste/ 개인의 취향. Staring Lee Min Ho (omg he's so hot...faint! lol) and Son Ye Jin (who is equally gorgeous!). 
I have recently like yesterday lol finished watching this...Okay lets start of with the when I first heard the synopsis I was a bit hesitant and didn't want to watch it straight away. Well that was a dumb thing to do lol because it was FANTASTIC!! 2nd favourite of all time after BOF..(isn't it funny LMH is in both hehe). So anyway its about this Architect Jeon Jin Ho who pretends to be gay in order to mean into Park Gae In's house.

Its a story of how they fall in love and how their live unfolds and how they bring out the best in each other. (Sigh)  So for those of you who are unlike myself and are not into the whole lovey dovey thing...this might not be your cup of tea but MAN did it hit the right spot with me. I mean I was awwing like crazy....and praying really really really hard to god to help me find a guy who would love me like that hahah! It was romantic and ow so funny at the same time. It was refreshing because it touched on a lot of social issues that are usually avoided like moving in together before marriage and the whole gay issue. It was done very tastefully and I loved every single minute of it! P.s the music was really good in this!

 Min's rating : 5/5

2) Mary Stayed out all Night/ 매리는 외박중. Starring Moon Geun Young and Jan Geun Suk.

So I watched this Drama a couple of weeks ago when May (My KDrama watching partner) recommended it to me. I was like well you don't need to convince me! haha so I started watching it not knowing anything about the synopsis or the story or anything. The story revolves around a girl called Wi Mae Ri who is being forced to marry a rich guy by her dad in order to clear his depths and the guy she truly loves Kang Moo Kyul. Its not awfully romantic and man do those 2 fight a lot. Its an edgier more real type of love story.

It was a very enjoyable show...I know I like it when I stay up until 4am watching it lol! It was good.. the story was a bit lacking and there was like a twilight situation where she found herself between 2 good guys who love her and then it turns into a quadrangle of love lol The Music was good in this...a bit repetitive at times but the lead actor sang most of the songs which I thought was pretty cool. I was a bit sceptical about their 'cool' or 'edgy' clothing tho..but who cares the guy wearing them was pretty cute! hehe 

Min Rating : 4/5

I've been watching the rest of my shows that consist of Glee, 90210, TVD, Nikita and the rest of it all that's on going. The new season of Greek came out too so I'm waiting to watch that! I've also accidentally watched an episode of life unexpected and now I'm it a good idea to take on another one? Maybe I can catch up while I wait for the other shows to come back from winter break or whatever its called...? lol << can u see how I'm talking myself into it? 

P.S -  so I'm knew at all the Kpop stuff so don't know much but I think I might be slightly obsessed with B2ST/ it wrong considering I'm older than old of them?? lol Their music is really good tho! Doesn't hurt that they're cute too :P 

Anyway that was my update for now! I'll keep who ever is reading this posted!
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