Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kdrama in 2011..

It has been ABSOLUTELY too long since I last posted on this Blog..I have been so bad and so busy with just life..Graduating and finding work and becoming an adult is hard going lol! Even so I have not been posting I have definitely not stopped watching and looking out for new dramas and movies to melt my heart and to make me ottokae beyond belief and 2011 wasn't short of any excitment...

1) Flower Boy Rameyon Shop

BaWool, Cha ChiSoo, EunBi, Choi Sasang, HyunWoo

I have LITERALLY just finished watching this and could not wait to share with the world what I thought about this. This is a new drama that has been sending the hearts of girls all of the world on fire with a great script, very well written characters and ridiculously cute ottokae moments...I don't think I've squealed so loud in ages and of course damn hot 'flower boys'

** Lee Ki Woo I love you Marry me?**

This drama is a romantic Comedy *the best kind really* that tells the story of Yang EunBi (Lee Chung Ah) who is an ex volleyball player training to become a teacher and Cha ChiSoo (Jung Il Woo) a rich high school student who strangely falls in  love with Yang EunBi. Of course no romantic drama is plain sailing, this is were the other leading man Choi Sasang (Lee Ki Woo)  *tan tan taaaaaaaaaan* and the other fun characters come into the picture and provide the laughs and the back story. This quickly turns into a Love Triangle with Cha ChiSoo and Choi Sasang fighting for EunBi's affection and omg one lucky girl because if I had Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo looking at me like that well..I dunno I might have fainted!! I don't want to give too much of the story away but if you want something that makes you feel like a total teenage girl squealing I would def recommend this drama!! *Teaser- the scene between Choi sasang and Eunbi - the picking up scene O.M.G I was rolling in my bed giggling!!*

Unlike other dramas I surprisingly didn't cry and was kinda rooting for the other leading man because as you might have guessed already I love him! lol BUT none of the less the ending didn't lack emotion and the OST were totally addictive! I have got all the OST downloaded and uploaded onto my phone! :)

One of the best dramas of 2011! Possibility of season 2 next year YES PLEASE!!!
Minzi's rating: 8/10

2) My Princess

I also recently finished watching this drama...This was my first Kim Tae Hee drama...everyone kept talking about her and about the drama I thought I should give it a go..and well shame on me for not watching it before..!! I also ottokae-ed a few times during this drama and could not stop watching!

This also is a romantic Comedy that tells the story of a normal college student Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) who finds out she's the only living decent of the late king..i.e the princess of korea. The president of the Daehan Group works hard to return her to the Monarchy and his Grandson Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun) is put in charge of training the Princess and make her Monarchy worthy. The drama really kicks off when he finds himself totally attracted to Lee Seol and her cute charm but is faced with a dilemma when he realises restoring her to the Monarchy will be the reason behind him loosing his inheritance.

The chemistry between the two leads is like bursting at the seems...they are soo damn cute together its incredible! When I started watching the drama I thought oh he's okay looking and ended it it thinking wowzaaaaaaaaaa come to mama!! haha he is def swoon worthy and the storyline between them is sooo well written. The push and pull the not knowing if they will be together and confession even the kiss I was like OTTOKAE!! 

Its a very heart warming story not to add Lee Ki Kwang is in it and is as cute as ever!!! *Beast fans rejoice wohoooooo* and I can see why people in Korea and so KIM TAE HEE IS AMAZIng...she is a brilliantly good actress!!!! The ost is catchy I've been listening to it all day..!! I did end up crying at certain points in the drama because you just feel so bad for her!! * it seems that's how I rate how much I've liked the drama haha*

Def a recommendation for 2011!
Minzi's rating: 7/10


  1. Omo..omooo... I love both of those two dramas :D :D :D !!!!

    1) Flower Boy Rameyon Shop

    First of all, I absolutely love this drama, a typical korean rom-con with a touch of anime quirkiness and adorable characters, which make this drama refreshing!

    ROTF at Lee Kee Woo's the picture caption, love it lol.

    Not much to add since you've already done a good job at writing its synopsis! This drama definitely has a LOT of ottokhae moments, I esp ottokhae big time at the scene where Mr Lampost(aka Lee Kee Woo) picks Eun Bi up n says "...." n did "...." O_O !!!! Most romantic scene ever!
    There are a lot of bell-chiming moments (ref from the drama) of Jung II Woo ^_^. Another flower boy from the drama, although not my type yet adorable, is the character called Kim Ba-ol! His character is so entertaining to watch and adorable!
    I absolutely love Eun Bi's character for her feistiness at the right situations while showing vulnerability at times, which makes her character more connected to the audience.

    It was sad to say goodbye to this drama and I definitely will be the first in line to watch season 2 if they produce it!

  2. 2) My Princess

    Omo, what can I say? This is another ron-con which I really really enjoyed watching. It's been nearly a year since I've first watched it so I don't really feel as excited talking about this drama as the previous one. Nonetheless, this drama is definitely a good one.

    Can't believe you've only just seen this drama, even though I've been telling you every now and then how much I love Song Seung Heon <3, how awesome this drama is and how I've become Kim Tae Hee's fan from watching this drama !!! But I'm glad you've finally seen it and you're on the same page as me :D.

    I absolutely adore this pairing with so much chemistry between them :D. The plot is quite interesting and really good at some points but you do get occassional "wtf - that makes no sense" bits in the plot. But don't let that put you off and just enjoy the ride because it is a fun one :D!

    P.s I forgot to mention sign as
    Your Number 1 fan ^_^ <3 xxx