Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everybody!!

I know its like 2 days late and all but hey  better late than never I guess! Its already almost the 3rd of Jan...seriously the days are going by too quick already!! hehe ^^

So once again I have been completely MIA and lost track of how long I haven't posted any updates on my blog! So lets quickly recap I guess ay...first of all ummmm I turned 22 years old eekk! I starting to feel it man! I went out to a really nice Morocco-ney restaurant in London with a bunch of my favourite people and then had ice creaaaaam in Hagen Daaz *best ice cream ever* in Leicester square! It was FREEZING COLD as it should be I guess lol it was the end of November!

Group picture!!! <3 Side note: the ceiling was like so low every time we stood up we would head butt one of the lanterns  haha!
Core 4!! hi5 ..These are the girls I can't live without! 
Can anyone guess who this is??!! Think Guest Blogger lol ;)

We also went to Go-Ape for Madhu's bday (the girl in white ^) which is like this outdoor group activity where you basically swing through trees - wearing a harness and stuff of course. It was soooo MUCH FUN even though it was like freezing and we were all shattered bruised and battered afterwards, we couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more!! It was terrifying at some points I had to breath in and out, calm myself down and just go for it! At the same time it was such a fun team building activity...and it definitely brought out the inner monkey in some of us hehe!

Core 4 getting ready to take on some trees! (yes I know we don't look glamorous we needed to stay warm and well get dirty without freaking out about clothes! lol)
Me un-attaching myself after the Tarzan Swing - yes I did try and do the voice and sounded totally weird! 
Me in between 2 giant trees!
Here we do look fabulous! Madhu's Bday dinner..
Ow yeah the bathroom picture! lol
After all that fun it was time for the Islamic New Year and so the start of the Holy Month of Muharam. The death anniversary of the Holy prophet's Grandson Imam Hussain (A.s) coincides on the 10th of this month, making this month especially important in our calendars. We usually spend most of this month and especially the first 10 days in mourning. -- Maybe i'll write a separate blog post on this -- it'll help explain what the whole event was about and how we commemorate his death each year.

Well now its the NEW YEAR yay!! 2010 was a very exciting year! A lot of things happened this year.. an even though it might not have ended in the best way possible... it is now time to concentrate on the future. Lets hope 2011 is the best year in our lives so far! Don't be afraid to go after what you want...dream big and never give up! Lets build a new unforgettable chapter in our lives and may you all stay happy and healthy!

One of the many new year's resolutions I've made is to keep this as updated as I can! lol which I will try my bestest best to do...and also to start off my own makeup youtube channel which I'm like so scared about...but I've been wanting to forever...Ill keep you posted on that one!!

Lots of Love,



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