Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What I’ve been watching lately!

So lately I’ve been doing a lot of...let’s call it! I’ve been catching up on sleep and since I’m still ill...I’ve been trying to recover. To keep me entertained I’ve been trying to fit in as much tv as I can before the ‘busy’ period kicks in! So here are some of the things I’ve watched so far...

Playful kiss

So since I was going through my Korean obsession I decided to watch this because it has Kim Hyun Joong in and because it got 5 stars on mysoju! This drama series is based off a Japanese comic and has been very I was like what the heck let’s do it!

 It’s a cute story of how this girl had a crush on this ‘perfect’ absolutely horrible cold totally hot guy in high school...she followed him around everything (which I thought was a bit stalker-ish....I don’t remember high school being like that but hey maybe it’s just me lool)...As the story goes on you are able to see past the coldness he portrays ( and let me tell u there is a lot of mean-ness and cold-ness portrayed) and see traces of some of his true feelings for the girl. A lot of the time though I was left thinking o.m.g how mean can a guy get SLAP HIM! Lol but maybe again that’s just me and I wouldn’t ever stand for a guy being so obnoxious to me .......I think it would have been good to know a bit more of what he was thinking during the whole process...

Anyway if you’re a total sucker for romantic comedies because I could not stop Awwwing in various bits of the series like out loud awwing..! Some bits were just way too cute! The end was even sweeter! aw! lool its definitely something every girl interested in Korean dramas should watch...! 

Overall, its funnny, good cast, VERY entertaining, and does tick a lot of teenage dream boxes...For a total of 16 episodes it was good!

It gets a 4.5/5 from me!


Yes yes I have FINALLY been able to watch that...I know what you’re thinking...took me long enough but hey I was busy when it came out in the cinemas!

Lemme just said this OMG THAT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! I mean wow...I was hooked straight away! To be fair I had to pay attention to everything to be able to understand it but wow it blew me away... the effects, the acting, the was all so damn good! It got a lil confusing when they were talking about all the different layers but who cares I was just memorized about all the stuff they were talking about....Can you imagine if inception was real...or just being able to go into someone else’s be able to build you own dream? C'mon that too good! I was afraid to dream that night! Lool All the stuff with his wife was soo messed up as well like was good!! Being back in reality and thinking you're still stuck in the dream messed up is that! 

*SPOILER ALERT*--> as in don't read past this if you haven't watch the film yet... 

The ending even through was frustrating was GENIUS!!! Like the fact we don’t know if he’s still in dream land (which I think he is) or he’s in reality is just too awesome!

IF you haven’t seen it yet DO SO PLEASE because it’s awesome 5/5!

Social Network

Now this movie was raved about so much! Apparently it had Oscar buzz all around it...I was finally able to sit down with my cup of coco and actually watch this...and I can honestly say...I was slightly disappointed.

Not that it wasn’t a great film because it was...I mean I did NOT know all that about Facebook...I mean half way through the film I kept thinking...wooow I actually have me I have facebook...! lool it’s so easy to take technology for granted these days...and the phrase ‘facebook me’ I actually use that more than I use any other phrase since I’m a proud fb addict!

Even though it was so interesting and intriguing to find out how this social networking site that started off from a Kirkland house dorm room has taken the world by storm ...I didn’t feel like it was Oscar worthy..I mean the blind THAT was Oscar worthy it was such a good film..Full of emotions and ordeals and it was just SO good (watch it if you haven’t I cried my eyes out at the end lol) ...the acting in this was good...I mean Jesse Eisenberg’s acting was really good and so was Andrew Garfield’s (who is totally cute btw)....but Justin Timberlake don’t get me wrong its Justin ‘rock ya body’ but Oscar worth acting? I don’t think so..? 1 he wasn’t in it for long enough to actually deserve and Oscar and 2...yes it was a good performance ...he is undeniably talented...but it was a little one dimensional if I dare say...or maybe that was his way of portraying Sean Parker...I dunno I just didn’t think he was in it for long enough to deserve one..

Overall, it was a good story, it was interesting and kept you wanting to know does make you realise how important social networking is though...!

I’ll give it a 3.5/5.

I’ve also been watching my regular tv shows The Vampire Diaries, Nikita and Gleeee...because life would be so boring without them! If you haven’t checked them out do because they get better and better as the seasons go along!! Nikita is relatively new but its so kick ass!!!

I think that is enough of a review so far..Hopefully I’ll be going to watch due date soon enough and I’ll let you know how it is...I loved the hangover let’s hope this lives up to it...!

Till next time..



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