Monday, 23 January 2012

Kdrama in early 2012

2011 ended with some brilliant dramas and to my delight, it seems that 2012 is also featuring some fantastic dramas even though it has only been less than a month of this year!

First of all I would like to start by saying HAPPY LUNAR YEAR!! I hope you guys may have a brilliant year!As always I have been keeping my eyes peeled for any new dramas that would excite me and any of my readers and well I wasnt disappointed.

I can honestly say 2012 has started with a bang mainly because of 2 dramas that I am watching and with the prospect of another starting just around the corner :) - Dream High- 30/1/2012. Because the dramas are still currently airing I can't do a full review on the dramas but here is my first impressions:

1) Bachelor's Vegetable Store

I wasn't so interested in the drama when I read the synopsis since not a lot of detail was given BUT man was I wrong...this drama is awesome!!!!!! The first couple of episodes I couldn't peel myself away from the screen because I just had to know what was going on!! It is a story about an orphan child who grows up to be a very successful vegetable store owner- sounds boring right? TRUST ME it isn't...!! the story has a massive twist right at the beginning so you are left wanting to know what happens next all the time!  Its a very well written very well acted out drama!! It doesn't hurt that the actors are cute :P and for Running Man get to see Kwang Soo more!!

I absolutely LOVE IT so far!!

2) The Moon that embraces the Sun

Again this was something that I wasn't jumping to watch because I thought oh just another period drama...and again- I should really learn- I was totally wrong because this is a period drama with a dusting of fantasy. Its essentially a love story - best kind- between a king and a normal girl who then becomes a shaman. It is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!! I was in absolute tears at ep 4-5!! The drama is written beautifully and the young actors have done a stellar job at portraying their characters! For the mature character Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo take the lead....and well with that pairing who would wanna watch this drama?? really cmon?? KIM SOO HYUN and his smile *melts* heheheh

Again I absolutely LOVE IT!

I will write a full review on both these dramas and other dramas and shows that are airing, specifically for more information check out the drama info and short synopsis I wrote for Kpopconcerts ( I'm the drama editor for the website ^^)

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