Saturday, 18 September 2010



So I've been hiatus-ing again this time we were whisked off to France by my lovely dad!! We went to visit some family friends in Marseilles..and it was SUCH A GOOD TRIP!
I had never met the family before ..they had spent a summer in Dubai with my dad and brother while mum & I were stuck in London around 2 years it was all HIII and owww this is your daughter ahh! lol

We were there for 5 days and it was soo good! I mean it wasn't what I expected France to be like to be honest because it was full of Arabs (Hi5) so it felt a bit like home and it was sooo relaxing and since Marseilles is an old city the road were big enough to fit 1 car! I tell you those people have guts to drive on those roads they were soooo steep and so narrow and they were 2 way!!! it was like ow god don't die don't die! lol!

Breath taking isn't it?!
Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, we were taken to all these scenic spots that took my breath away! They were soo peaceful and soo beautiful, I can honestly say that we met some amazing people who welcomed us so completely into their lives and showed us around..I feel so privileged to have spent 5 wonderful days with such generous people. I'm hoping we can show them the same generosity and kindness they showed us when they come to visit at the end of the month *yay excited*...well okay only Omar and tata but still..

Mum, Tata, Omar, Amu, Dad and mee!! =)

So I think all of us have come back with the determination of learning a bit more French before out next visit to France...however that might not be possible since I'm going to Paris for the day for my friend's b-day this week..Hollllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! lol 

But anyway here are more pictures! 


Amu, HuSs, Me, Mum...and the scenery!

Group picture of the top of Notre Dame! *freezing my butt off*

I love this picture! This was on the top of the Notre Dame and it was so windy! 

Group picture at the view port!

So here you go..That was my trip away! Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures...I'm sure not as much as I enjoyed experiencing the journey but yeah lol

Until next time...

Au Revoir mon ami!!


  1. Minaz AWESOME pictures
    Love them so much <3

    I wanna go to franceeeeeeee Lucky you =P

    Btw your outfits are amazing ;D msA nice style