Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drop Dead Awesome-ness


So about a year ago through my love and addiction of US sitcoms, I came across this show called 'Drop Dead Diva'. Now I thought ow what a cheesy name saw the advert and thought hmmm interesting..this hasn't been done before..well that I know of or seen atleast...

So the show is about this hot model called Deb who gets into a car accident...goes to the 'waiting room' which is before heaven and hell and presses the 'return' button that was on her angel's desk. Now something goes wrong and her soul comes back to earth but get this..the twist is...it enters the body of a how would you say this.. voluptuous super busy lawyer called Jane.

Now you can understand the difficulties that might arise with being in a totally different body but she slowly starts to appreciate her life the way it is and even starts dating. However through the series she still holds onto the hope of one day telling grayson *Deb's ow so cute bf* that she is in fact Deb and not plain Jane.

ANYWAY...I won't spoil it u gotta watch it...I finally watched season 2 finale last night and OMG like seriously it was good! So season 1 was funny, exciting full of singing and dancing because she was getting to know her self and finished off with a big cliffhanger. This season was a bit more dramatic and serious compared to the previous season BUT fear not because its still full of cute *aww* moments. You can see the relationship between grayson and Jane develop further AND stacey & Fred still there so its all good!! Stacey is Deb/Jane's bff and is sooo damn funny because of her blondness..! i love her! There are even a few musical numbers which are always fun!

BUT *SPOILER ALERT--->don't read further if you actually wanna watch the show* omg this season's cliffhanger!!!!!!! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO at the end it was like dudes please don't KILL HIM! Especially right at the end when he goes Deb?? and its like ow god no no does this means he's really dead???

Anyway I think I spoke too much..ahh okay so I love the show can't wait for it to come back on..in june 2011 *gasp june 2011 I know how am I meant to wait for that long*

Ah anyway...till next time!




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