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Soo I have been gone for what seems like forever since my very first post..which isn't very good BUT I have a very good excuse. As you know...*or maybe don't* it has beeeen the month of Ramadhan which is basically this month where all the muslim worth fast from sunrise to sunset..well in England it has been like a 17 Hr fast which i thought was gonna be HORRENDOUS but surprisingly hasn't been so bad!

Anyway we we usually go to mosque and its a very spiritually uplifting month so have been super busy with that and family get together to that's my excuse for neglecting the blog...but now I'm back! woop!

Right so before the month started we actually did a lot of things that I kept thinking oo I should post that..and that..and that..so it begins now! lol

A day before Ramadhan started my lovely cousin Abrar (Absi) and my friend Zahra K went on a cupcake expedition around london. I had seen this video on youtube about these 2 girls doing it around their home town and got encouraged so this was our adventure around london....That aim was to buy 2 cupcakes from each shop their most popular and one we liked the look off and then grade them against how yum they were and how soft and moist they were...

This is the first shop we went to, I loved the look of this shop is all pink and colourful and the decore inside was adorable!! So this place sold cupcakes * that were more muffins than cupcakes*, fudge cakes and lots n lots of sweets...

Candy Cakes- Covent Garden

How cute is this!!!
Blueberry cheesecake (popular) and double chocolate (yum looking)

2nd place we went to was.....Ella's this place is solely for cupcakes! its awesome...it was very hard to choose only 2...looks very fancy doesn't it!

Ella's - Covent Garden *ppsst- can u see zahra with her purple hijab?? hehe*
Pretty Packaging

1 peanut butter cupcake (top Left), Lemon cupcake (top right) and 2 Oreo cupcakes at the bottom
3rd place we went to wassssssssss...*drum roll* Primrose Bakery who again specialise in cakes and cupcakes..they make cupcake tier wedding cakes and alll...they even have their own primrose bakery recipe book how cool..

Primrose in ummm..london? lol forgot where exactly it was..

lemon and lime (left), chocolate with vanilla icing (right)

The 4th place we went to was........Hummingbird Bakery! Now this one is really fancy and is very well known...my cousin who recently got married got her wedding cake from there and it was DIVINE!! 
They are very well known for their cupcakes especially their red velvet one *DROOOOOL*...they also have their own recipe book they're THAT good lol...

The hummingbird bakery in south kensington

Red velvet (left), chocolate with vanilla icing and sprinkles (right)

Finally the lassssssst place we went to was whole sale foods...it wasn't for the cupcakes really but we found some anyway! hehe so they had these beautiful cupcakes and some vegan ones too which were interesting...all organic! woop! I picked just 1 up from there...it was the most beautiful one and the rose was actual cream!!!!


The verdict:

Hummingbird Bakery won by a mile!! Their cupcakes were the best priced for the quality you got...they were soft, moist and the icing was amazing...my favourite the red velvet cake came out on top as rated by all 3 of us..I mean its was just delish! Close second came the double chocolate cupcake from candy cakes soooooo good!...the rest were okay average for the taste and price.....

So there was one of our adventures...hope you get to go out and try these yourself!!

Have a great day!!



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